Diagnostic Phase

We guarantee our diagnostic will identify savings in your business, if we are unable to identify an agreed level of saving we won't charge you, simple.

Depending on the size of the business or department we would spend anything from 5 - 20 days carrying out a detailed diagnostic. Within a month we are able to produce an easy to understand report, which visually highlights the issues and required action plans to fix them. Normally it would detail 4 - 5 key work streams which will deliver substantial savings & benefits to the business, focusing on a number of areas: -

  • Sales v's Capacity
  • Process Loading & Flexibility
  • Process Efficiency / OEE
  • Labour Utilisation
  • Quality Performance
  • Route to Lean Audit Score
  • Support Service Efficiency (Maint., Eng. etc)
  • Leadership, Reaction to Change, Skills

The diagnostic process is not us locked away in a room pouring over reams of information, it is during this process that we actually start to get 'buy in' from the local leadership and teams. Key personnel are aligned to us during this phase and assist us with the data capture, your analysts are also utilised to sift and prioritise the massive amount of data we need to process.

A lot of time is spent out on the shopfloor observing current reality, this time is invaluable as we are able to get instant feedback on issues as they arise. Its also a good opportunity to speak to operators and team leaders, all the time getting a feel for the business, getting a feel for key personnel.


Some businesses are very entrepreneurial in their approach and grow too fast, this sometimes means that measures are not put in place to monitor performance. This is OK, we would spend a few more days initially to help you to start measuring the right things, then we would leave you alone for a month or so to start collecting the data. Although we are never too far away and always at the end of the phone & email to answer any queries, issues you may have.

The diagnostic process could just be used for this very reason, to look at how effective the Measurement, Action and Communication system is.

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