Once the methodology has been proven and the business has stamped it's own mark on everything, then it is time to implement the wider programme. With the Pillar Champions in place, supported by the Site Champion we then act as a Programme Manager, Coach, Sounding Board & Shoulder to Cry On, but we also there to offer specialist advice when it is needed, remember we are trying to develop teams to: -

  • Measure their process
  • Identify Key Issues
  • Identify Causes
  • Come up with Solutions
  • Implement Actions

Through deployment our role is gradually changing, but will also change from area to area, team leader to team leader, everyone is different and will require varying levels of support. Regular project reviews will ensure the necessary level of focus is maintained, resource constraints identified, and other potential barriers removed.

Each time a project is delivered, we then assist in setting up the sustainability tools to ensure it sticks around for the long term. Case studies are created and communicated to facilitate best practice sharing across site.