Implementation support

Our core competence is to implement improvement programmes, although along the way we have refined our product range and services to ensure we deliver a sustainable solution and that does not disappear when we do. Our "Route to Lean" uses the following 5 simple steps: -

  • Diagnostic - Identify the size of the prize
  • Pilot - Demonstrate it works
  • Implement - Roll out the work streams
  • Sustain - Establish the disciplines
  • Skills - Develop teams to take ownership


Case Study - £2m Delivered for Eurocell


Eurocell Profiles are based in Derbyshire, England and operate out of 5 sites manufacturing window profiles, cladding materials, composite doors, conservatory roof systems and a wood grain lamination facility. We were engaged to carry out a diagnostic on the 5 separate business units.

Diagnostic Phase - Wood Grain Laminating Facility

Over a 7 day period in the Wood Grain facility we were able to establish the current performance levels, manning, VA/NVA activity, sales requirements and operating costs to the business unit. Also within this time was the set up of information centres, improved data capture systems and leadership disciplines. It was identified during the diagnostic that we could deliver savings in the area of £2 million focusing on a number of key work streams.

Pilot Phase

Due to Phase 1 being delivered within 3 months we needed to pilot ideas very quickly, to do this we trialled ideas on different machines and then cascaded them across the plant in a controlled manner and observed efficiency increases as the projects were implemented.

e.g. Idea 1 was trialled on machine 1 and then observed for a week before being rolled out to the other 7 machines, Idea 2 trialled on machine 2 and so on so we had a rapid deployment of the quick wins. Also at this stage all the machines were standardised with consistent table heights, feed & glue mechanisms, stillage handling methods etc.

Implementation Phase

By setting up project champions and teams we were able to guide the teams to deliver the savings which were identified. Running practical workshops on the job, assisting with the planning and project management, the implementation was very much owned by the Operations Team.

1. Phase 1 OEE Improvement - up 15% through Performance Management & Kaizen activities.

2. Phase 2 OEE Improvement - up 20% through Quick Changeover (SMED) & Asset Care (TPM).

3. Insourcing Sub Contract - Bring in-house all sub contract work saving £750,000 of cost.

Other activities around Standardised Work and Shift Patterns are being delivered during the latter part of 2010 to be completed by January 2011. In total within 6 months of starting the improvment programme: -

  • Site OEE has doubled from 35% to around 70%
  • 80% of £750k in-sourced work completed
  • We have delivered over £2m in bottom line savings
  • A Savings to Cost Ratio of 20:1

Sustain / Skills Journey

Using our "Route to Lean" audit structure, visual dashboards and process confirmations we ensure that the improvement projects, disciplines and on-going action plans continue to deliver the savings achieved and identify new opportunities to carry on the journey.

The NVQ in Business Improvement Techniques was used as a vehicle to deliver training for key team members / team leaders, also delivering further improvements. This will be rolled out in 2011 with all team members being trained in the same way, Eurocell received part funding for this programme to assist with costs.

The management team have also been trained in more detailed Lean Techniques and Facilitation / Change Management skills to enable them to continue to support the long term programme. More about these programmes can be found under the "Training" Banner.