Organisational Development

As with all change programmes, (including Lean & 6 Sigma), it is important to have a clear Organisational Development policy in place. This policy should cover everything from setting the business vision and key objectives to measuring the hour to hour performance on the shopfloor. It is vitally important that the objectives are cascaded through site & departmental goals and targets, individual leader's key objectives and role profiles and down to team level performance. 

Using our specialist HR resource we are able to assist with all aspects of this type of work covering the following areas:

1. Review your Business Vision & Strategy

2. Promoting Shared Values

3. Aligning your Organisational Structure

4. Cascading Goals & Targets

5. Review of your Business Operating System

6. Developing Behaviours & Attitudes

7. Assessing Knowledge & Skills to deliver the Business Strategy


  • Holistic view of performance management
  • Role of the leader, Manager, Team Leader
  • Support systems and processes, role profiles, appraisals etc.
  • Setting and managing standards and targets
  • Holding effective performance review meetings
  • Identify and manage poor performance
  • Engaging people in delivering improved performance
  • Team Building and Joint Visioning activities